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Free Construction Leads in Wales

Updated: Apr 2

It is good news to know that all of the information for any planning application in Wales can be found on line. From this vast pool of information astute professionals and organisations can search and find the Planning applications & decisions they want completely free of charge. Whether is is just the information you need for your research, or that you are preparing for a Marketing and sales campaign, all of the planning projects in Wales are freely available in the links on the Local Planning Authority links below.

These links will take you to the planning search on each of the Local Planning Authority websites. All of the Welsh Local Planning authorities provide searchable records for planning applications, decisions & appeals. All of the records are public information & are free for anyone to access. Wales has 22 unitary authorities and the 3 National Park Authorities,​ which are all listed below. Next to each Authority are listed significant Cities, Towns & areas that are within each Planning Authoritys's jurisdiction. In this way the list is a quick reference point to see which places you are interested in obtaining planning data from, & the name of the council that you will find the information you need for that particular place in Wales. Then, all you have to do is click on those names to link straight to the Councils' searchable Planning website.

It is great to get something for free that can really help your business or organisation. However, when faced with needing Planning application information from across many councils in Wales or anywhere else in the UK; facing thousands of records to sort through, meaning that lots of time & effort is required to find the data that will be useful to you is daunting. This is why it can be far more efficient to use 2BuildUK's planning application lists, conveniantly giving you the councils you need & the projects of interest in on one easy to use spreadsheet, & at a cost far lower than any 'per hour' rate you would be paying an employee to do this work manually!

Click the LPA & settlement listing to take you to the searchable planning pages.

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