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Construction sales leads generation. A short scenario. Part one; time to do more!

Updated: Jan 21, 2020

You have started a business, maybe it has been running for some time. Now you are running short of work, or turnover/profit looks to be heading in the wrong direction. Alternatively, business is good and it is time to take it to the next level.

This scenario discusses the smaller business; maybe with employees but essentially either one individual, or a couple of people who lead the business. The Owner/Managers are already busy running the day to day affairs of the company, and can of course deal with new customers, but you know that there are more out there - maybe even on your doorstep - that would make a good fit for them & your business. Access to these customers would strengthen your position within your market pace. The question is how do you reach them ?

Potentially you can increase your efforts on what you do already. More advertising? Mailshots? maybe someone who works for you is good on the phone? Can we send out more emails? By the time your mind is filled with the best ways to develop the marketing side of the company the chances are the day to day running of the business and its immediate needs will once again take over. We are not talking about businesses with a 'Marketing Department' or a 'Sales Force'. This is small business, that can forever stay small or could expand into a larger organisation. Either way, the business can still generate healthy profits and a good lifestyle for its owners; not everyone wants the headache of continued expansion and - once a comfortable capacity is reached - would rather have a full order book and the best quality customers meaning that profits and time management improve on a similar amount of business, rather than always looking to press for more business, more work and more headaches! Some businesses are meant & want to stay small (-ish).

Sales lead generation part 2

Part 2 will separate four possible ways forwards in order to develop the marketing effort and achieve new sales for the small business on a budget.

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