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If you want to make the best use of a building lead and meet more of the people who are making the decisions about the construction Projects that you wish to build, then 2BuildUk would contact home improvement or commercial prospects within the area you work in, and of the type of construction project that you want to focus on building. The company owner or Manager responsible for winning future building projects would have a meeting with 2BuildUK, which could be in your office, our office, a convenient meeting point, or - let's get digital & save time - Skype! Is it leads to extension projects? leads for Loft Conversions? leads for new dwelling house builds? or building leads for commercial construction projects? or any other sector or specialism within the UK Construction industry that you wish to start lead generation for?


At the meeting and during communication before and afterwards, 2BuildUK would establish a picture of your

construction business, and find out where you wanted to go with the company. This could mean expansion, or it could mean that you want to concentrate on building work that is more profitable for the company, or simply construction work that you prefer doing. In this way, we could establish how many and what type and location of construction leads would be the best fit for your building business.


Once 2BuildUK started work for your company, we would contact private householders or commercial decision makers and express your interest in providing a quotation for the building leads. We would 'white label', which means we would be contacting them as a sole representative of your company and would create an email address for this purpose.


It is 2Builduk's aim to provide building leads of the highest quality. In this way, we would remove poor quality enquiries before they reached your attention - ones with no intention to build, a quote comparison, etc. Many of the introductions take a long time to bear fruit; particularly larger projects. Once a prospective customer wishes to receive a quotation from your company, we would supply you with all the appointment details, and you will have let us know what days & times were good for you to make appointments that week, as we synchronize with your diary to make your working week as efficient as possible. We will have tagged your interest early on in the process, and follow it through with communication via phone and email. By the time a building lead becomes booked, it is of the highest quality and you will feel as though you have been recommended to them. We would only promote your company to each building project and then assist with the sales and quotation process giving us the best chance of winning the construction tender.


Examples of companies that we have assisted in moving towards the projects that suit the business the most, is one in Derbyshire that wished to concentrate on larger domestic projects such as house-building & extensions and would prefer to turn away the smaller jobs that were becoming too difficult to manage effectively. A company in Lincolnshire wanted to work much closer to home. Using our service gave them more control over the location of the projects they tendered for. The builder now had the strength to turn down work from the main contractor or Architect that meant staying away from home for him & his workforce, because 2BuildUK has found him projects that he has won close to home. A builder in North Yorkshire wishes to build new houses for private clients and move away from extension and other smaller domestic & commercial work. One House he won the contract for after being introduced from our service won an 'LABC Build Excellence' award; which has further enhanced his credentials as an effective House builder amongst local Architects.


Furthermore, specific projects could be targeted that you wish to tender for, or even have your Construction company placed on an Architects approved list of Builders for your preferred type of Building project.





 Building leads generation 

 Construction project sales leads generation for UK Building Contractors 

Special offer

50 projects of interest mailed for £95 each month

includes - Planning data, postage, full colour printing, copywriting, envelopes & paper.

Which areas of Construction and

Building leads are you interested in ?

New Dwellings
Flooring & Stairs
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